Four hundred and sixty (460) workers have died and 796 have been injured because the Georgian government has refused to revive the workplace inspections which existed until 2006.  

In the view of the government, those inspections and ILO conventions are a threat to business.  The Georgian trade unions disagree, and they have just launched a major campaign to press the government to replace the toothless labour law recently passed with one that allows an effective inspection of workplaces, including the ability to impose fines or other penalties.

Please take a moment to learn more and to join our Georgian brothers and sisters in their struggle for a decent labour law:

It wasn’t always like this in Georgia.

In fact, this spring the country will mark the 100th anniversary of the Georgian Democratic Republic, which was run by left-wing Social Democrats and in which the trade unions had tremendous influence.  You can learn more about that experiment in democratic socialism from my recently-published book, The Experiment: Georgia’s Forgotten Revolution, 1918-1921.