Following the success of the Scrap The Cap March/Rally held in Edinburgh on October 7th, the next stage of the pay campaign will be a Xmas Card Campaign. The campaign heading has now changed to “Pay Up Now”

The primary objective is to:

  • Increase member awareness of the claim.
  • Lobby constituency MSP’s on the issue of NHS pay.
  • Raise public awareness of the UNISON pay claim.

The campaign will run through Nov and early December and culminate in a press and media stunt before Parliamentary recess.

This campaign is far from over and we need to send a clear message to politicians that UNISON can muster significant support over NHS pay. We want to target constituency MSP’s because that’s the easiest way for us to organise the campaign.

We have over 60,000 members in the NHS. Lets deliver 60,000 cards or as near that as possible in the 5 week campaign.

Very soon, you will receive at your home address, 1 of these cards with a return SAE that we are urging all members to sign and include your home address and postcode, not workplace address. These will then be divided up into all the various MSP constituencies for delivery to each MSP.

Your local branch stewards will also have a number of cards for issuing to members, and therefore you may receive 2? Please don’t just discard the extra 1 as this can be completed by a family member, or a work colleague who is not a UNISON member. The more completed cards the better.

Kind regards

Tam Hiddleston
Branch Secretary
Scottish Health Care Branch