You may be aware that UNISON have been campaigning on the matter of Pay, and there have been a
few “Scrap the Cap” initiatives happening across UNISON Health Branches in Scotland.

At UNISON Scottish Health Committee held on Thursday August 24th, it was agreed that the next main event around this campaign, will be a demonstration/rally down the Royal Mile in Edinburgh on Saturday October 7th. March starting at 12 Noon. An application to the Police and Local Authority has been made to allow us to organise this event, and we are not expecting any challenge back. Therefore, we have to start organising now. To date, it has mainly been branch stewards/activists
who have been taking part in some small demonstrations/presence, but the message from Health Committee was clear last week;

It’s your pay; it’s your demo – let’s be heard!

We are, quite correctly, asked continuously from members, what are UNISON going to do about the miserable 1% pay rises, recommended year on year from the Pay Review Body, following a lengthy pay freeze? As your Union, we will, and have, raised this matter with Scottish Government, and as stated before, have taken part in several small publicity initiatives, to have this matter aired in the wider public arena.

However, without a clear message going out from the wider membership that this is in fact a serious matter to you as a member, then the chances we have on building a successful campaign around pay would be minimal. There would be little benefit in moving towards any form of membership ballot on forms of Industrial Action around pay, if the wider membership are viewed as not caring about the implications of continued disgustingly low pay awards!

If you care about your pay – Get involved

This is your opportunity to make your voice heard, and take active part in the campaign as it moves forward. As your UNISON branch, we will coordinate the organising of branch activity on the day. This may also mean laying on Transport for those who live outside the Edinburgh area. It is hoped that Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh can be booked out for the day by UNISON, with events for children to take place. Therefore, it is an afternoon to bring along family members and children.

Your local steward should shortly be arranging members meetings to advise more on these plans, and to gauge interest and collect names of those wishing to take part on the day.

Alternativley, if you want to indicate back to the branch direct, then please merely e-mail the branch at or leave a message on the branch phone on 0131 220 6903

More details will follow as soon as any updates are known.

Tam Hiddleston
UNISON Scottish Health Care
Branch Secretary